tENS Vagal Boost

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tENS Vagal Boost

tENS Vagal Boost

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Reduce stress

Our premium vagal boost triggers the nervous system to a 'rest and digest' state. Slowing heart rate making you feel less anxious, less stressed and more calm.


Nervous system

Stimulation of the vagus nerve acitvates the parasympathetic nervous system to help body rest, restore and reset.


No More Fatigue

Vagus nerve stimulation by reducing heart rate and blood pressure results in an improved quality of sleep.


Improved health

Vagus nerve stimulation enhances health by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Decreased inflamation and improved immune function maximise overall well-being.

How It works


Smartphone Assisted

  The tENS Vagal Boost plugs directly into your mobile phone or power source and is powered by external device's battery. Compatible for both iOS and Android. 


6 Modes

Output easily adjusted to one of 6 modes. Increased monophasic pulses to efficiently activate vagus nerve for each and every person.


User experience

Simple and easy to use. Clip attaches comfortably to either ear. cable designed so power source such as a phone can be placed in pocket.

Deeper Dive

Vagus nerve stimulation

The vagus nerve controls the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs essential bodily functions.

When stimulated, it triggers the activation of this system, bringing balance to the body.

This, in turn, leads to a more tranquil, stress-free, and anxiety-reduced state.

By adjusting the rate in which stimulation of the vagus nerve occurs, we can prompt the body's relaxation response, effectively diminishing stress and anxiety while fostering improved sleep and digestive function.

Adapters Included

Vagal Boost draws power from any USBC power source i.e your phone or powerbank.
Don't worry if you don't have USBC! Vagal Boost comes with adapters for micro usb and lightning.


technical specifications


35 TO 135V

Pulse Width



No batteries required. Simply connects to power source (i.e phone)


6 Modes of varying frequencies

Easy to use

3 buttons 


frequently asked questions

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5

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Mildred Mason

Can feel my stress is reduced and feel much calmer after my daily use. Highly recommend it!

R Tyler

I experience a significant and instant reduction in my anxiety levels when using Vagal Boost. It's akin to pressing a button and watching my anxiety vanish, I become noticeably calmer. The most effective tool I've encountered for combating stress and anxiety. 


So brilliant! Lowering my stress and keeping me in great form. I simply love it.

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